Knoebels Ride Ticket Fundraiser

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Order Forms and Money Due: April 1st

Ticket Pick Up: April 6th, 2:30 pm to 6 pm, JFB Lobby

Our PTSA Playground Committee is selling $20 Knoebels ride ticket books at a discounted $18 per book, until Wednesday, April 1st.

Order forms and money are due at the school on Wednesday, April 1st, by 2:30 pm.  Please make checks payable to JFB PSA and note there is a $30 fee for any returned check.  Please also note, we must sell 200 ride ticket books in order to complete this fundraiser.

If you are in need of an additional order form, please use this link:  Knoebels Ride Ticket Order Form Knoebels Ride Ticket Order Form An order form will be sent home with each JFB Student.

Tickets will be available in the school’s lobby on Monday, April 6th, from 2:30 to 6 pm.

Thank you for supporting our Playground Committee’s efforts!

ShopWithScript Monthly Fundraiser, due March 15th

Script is fundraising while you shop! Gift cards for over 780 retailer brands are available to purchase online at

Script has worked with over 30,000 nonprofit organizations for over the course of 23 years. Script offers physical gift cards and digital gift cards.  A rebate is earned on every gift card you purchase at face value.

When ordering online, you will need an enrollment for code; please facebook message our PTSA (search JFB PTSA) or email, with the subject line ShopWithScrip Code Request.  After sending a PTSA Board Member will send you the needed code.

We also have an order form available: ShopWithScript Order Form

Monthly orders for physical cards will need to be placed by the 15th of each month.  A delivery date for the gift cards will be made each month, when the cards are received at the school.

Digital or e-cards are sent directly to your email by Script for your use.

Thank you for purchasing gift cards though Script!

Box Tops 4 Education

Throughout the year, please clip and save your box tops.  While Baugher Elementary will accept box tops donations at any time, we do have two drives throughout the school year; one normally ending in October and one ending in February.

If you would like your student to be recognized for the box tops donated, please put your box tops in a plastic bag or envelope with your students teacher’s name and grade.

Expired box tops are not accepted by Box Tops for Education.  If able, Box Tops for Education accepts bags of 50 box tops; if you are able to count your box tops in advance, this is appreciated by noting the count of 50 on your plastic bag or envelope.

Thank you for your support!  Box top collections make a huge difference in our school!

TCC Verizon $10,000 Grant Recipient

Pictured from left:  Carrie Davister JFB PSA President, Ashely Stump JFB Playground Committee Member, Miss Neitz JFB Teacher Liaison and JFB Kindergarten Teacher, Melissa DeBerry JFB Co-Secretary and Playground Committee Member, Cortney Cummings Prestige Mobile, TCC Verizon Representative, Steph Strawser JFB Vice President, Grant Writer and Playground Committe Member and Sean Morgan Owner of Prestige Mobile, TCC Verizon, Montoursville, PA

We are pleased to announce, the JFB PTSA has received a $10,000 Grant from TCC Verizon in Lewisburg and Montoursville.

Our PTSA partnered with TCC Verizon this fall and our representative, Cortney Cummings, wrote a grant on our behalf. We were ecstatic to have received the grant.

We are working together on upcoming fundraisers and appreciate your support in the future. We are estimating one year of fundraising before ground work will begin on the playground.

If you have any questions regarding the playground, please contact Steph Strawser at or Melissa DeBerry at

Donations can be mailed to the school, James F. Baugher Elementary School, 60 Brenda Rovenolt Circle, Milton, PA 17847. Please make checks payable to JFB PSA, with ‘playground fund’ written in the memo. All donations are tax deductible.


Our PTSA is happy to announce our partnership with TCC Verizon!

Together we are fundraising to bring JFB Elementary a new playground. To donate or for more information, please contact Steph Strawser or Melissa DeBerry from our PTSA Board or Cortney Cummings with TCC Verizon.


sept playground fundraiser flyer

Adult Visitors, School-wide Policy

Our Milton Area School Board has adopted policies in place after Governor Tom Wolfe signed stricter statewide policies to protect our school aged children.  Each adult who is employed by the Milton Area School District or each adult wishing to volunteer their time within the Milton Area School District,must go through a series of background checks and must be approved by the Milton Area School Board each year.

With this being said, we post event information for you to prepare your student for a given school day; however, parents and guardians are not permitted to attend an event unless invitations have been distributed.  Events have to be approved by the buildings Principal and events open to parents and guardian’s must be approved by our school’s Superintendent.  Please know, the events given are rewarding your student for a job well done, an event to promote school spirit, a field trip, etc. The policies in place are to protect your student.

When an event is open for you to visit the school, you will receive an invitation.  Examples: We will hold the annual Parent Lunch and Book Fair.  We will also have an opportunity for Grandparents to visit their grandson or granddaughter, with the annual Grandparent Lunch and Book Fair.

If you wish to become a volunteer, including if you wish to chaperone a field trip, you must go through the clearance process set in place and become School Board Approved before you area able to volunteer for any event.  There is another post regarding how to become a volunteer entitled Adult Volunteer Information; please review this information if you wish to become a volunteer at a specific Milton Area building.

We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter!  Our student safety is our number one priority and with these policies in place, you have the confidence, adults surrounding your students throughout the school day want to be in our schools.


Adult Volunteer Information

Any adult in the Milton Area School District must go through a series of clearances, including FBI fingerprinting and a TB test, in order to interact with your student during the school day.  The following links and information are here in the event you would like to volunteer in one of our Milton Area School buildings or participate in a field trip with your student:


Here is the direct link to the Volunteer handbook for this school year:


To give you further insight and step by step instructions, the following italicized quotations are taken directly from the handbook, explaining the clearance portion. The info and links after the quoted portion of the handbook are to give you further details and make your process easier:

How Do I Become a Volunteer?
Volunteers are parents or community members who voluntarily offer a service to the District without compensation.  The following steps must be completed prior to starting actual volunteer services.  Instructions for obtaining clearances can be found on the district website under Human Resources, Employment Opportunities:

1) Complete the Volunteer Application Form and return it to the building principal. — The form is available at the school preprinted or found here  After receiving or printing a copy of the application, fill out the requested details and return to the school.  You must have your request approved by the school before you complete and turn in the remaining forms needed to become an approved volunteer.

2) After initial approval from the building principal, you will need to obtain your clearances which include: 

* a. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Records Check (Act 34)   —  Fill out this form as a volunteer.  Print the form out, fill out the form and begin a ‘file or stack of paperwork’ to submit to the school at one time.

b. Child Abuse History Clearance(Act 151) —   Choose ‘create individual account,’ fill out the info, and print the details to submit to the school.  We have found this may take some time to get back, depending on the time of year. If you attempt to gain this clearance in August, just before school starts, we have known it to take up to four weeks to return to us approved.  When you receive your approved clearance, add this to your file to turn into the school.

c. Federal Criminal History Background Check, PDE or DPW (Act 114)   — When applying for your FBI Fingerprinting, there is a fee that is an out of pocket expense. Go to ‎ , click ‘register online’ on the right side and follow the directions. The fee is due when you are on the federal website.  Once the form is printed out, take the form to an approved business that is able scan your fingerprints.  The closest business to complete your FBI clearances is Taylor’s Garage on Broadway Road in Milton and The UPS Store across from Walmart in Lewisburg.  There are no additional fees at the approved locations.  Once again, the school will need copies of the completed paperwork.

d. Arrest/Conviction Report (Act 24) —  Print this form, fill out the form and turn the completed form to the school.

3) You will need to complete the on-line Mandated Reporter Training and submit proof of completion.  The on-line training is available at  — After you finish the training and test, you will need to provide a copy of the certificate showing your completion to the school.

4) You will need to provide the results of a tuberculosis (TB) test.  —  You will need to call your doctors office and request a TB test.  After receiving the injection, you will have to return to your doctors office to have the results read within 48 hours.  The doctor’s office will provide you with your results and the school will need a copy of your results.  Depending on your health insurance, you may receive a fee for this service.

After compiling the above, completed paperwork, turn in your certificates and forms to the school office.  The office administrators will double check your pages, make copies and then submit your information to the School Board agenda for final approval.

5) Your name will then be placed on the School Board agenda for approval.  —  The board meets once a month and you must be on their agenda prior to their meeting.  The meetings are listed on the calendar, but there is a deadline the office can provide you as to the cutoff of their compiled agenda for a given month.

6) Once approved, you will be contacted by the building principal to begin your volunteer service.  
* See the building secretary to determine if you are required to complete steps 2 – 4.

As a volunteer, state law requires clearances every five (5) years.  You are responsible for any cost of the clearances and TB test.  

Annual Approval
You will need to complete Step 1 above, using the Volunteer Application Renewal form, each year to assure we have your correct contact information.  You must be board approved every year prior to serving as a volunteer.  —


We know this is a lot required to volunteer within our buildings, but please know it is for the safety of your student.  As always thank you for your time and understanding!