Blogging Ideas

Here are some ideas for using blogs in the classroom:

  • Writing assignments in all subject areas
  • Create portfolios of samples of student writing
  • Allow students to express opinions on topics being studied in class
  • Students write comments about current events or issues of interest
  • Discuss class activities
  • Use subject and vocabulary words in blog posts and comments
  • Showcase student projects such as art, poetry, and creative stories
  • Students write reactions to thought-provoking questions, photos, or videos
  • Create an online book club
  • Create a collection of story starters or summary point writings
  • Communicate with another class somewhere else in the world
  • Create a class newsletter
  • Appoint a weekly class scribe to write a “week in review” post
  • Use the blog as a reading response journal
  • Post a statement and ask students to provide supporting facts with reliable websites
  • Have students write persuasive explanations on various topics