Welcome Back!

I hope you feel excited and ready to grow as we begin the new school year!  Please let me know if I can help you in any way this school year.  Please stop in to share your concerns; for some individual help; or just to chat.   I’ll be glad to see you!

Best wishes for a great new year!

Recommendations to Make Learning Math Easier

Learning math takes time, effort, and practice.  Here are some suggestions to make it easier and to help you become more successful.

1.  Good attendance is most important.  Getting notes from a buddy is good, but its not the same   as seeing  your instructor present the material live.

2.  Study and review your notebook.  Pay special attention to star’d problems.  These problems teach a new concept or have a twist to them.

3.  Come for some help or a few minutes of extra practice.  Together we can be sure that you understand the concepts and are ready to ace the test.  ( Just a few minutes can make a tremendous difference!)

4.  Ask questions in class.  Let’s get things that you’re unsure of cleared up immediately.