Using Technology to Support Student Learning

This week I had the opportunity to see technology being used to support student learning in several classrooms. Earlier in the week I visited Ms. Martin’s kindergarten classroom and saw students working independently on their iPads. Students were listening to stories being read to them as they followed along and picked out the sight words they knew. Wednesday, Mrs. Roberts invited me to her classroom so her students could show me their Sway projects which they created on their own. The Sway projects were about football teams. The students researched the teams and created fun presentations. The presentation included music and video clips. Nice job 4th graders. It is important to note throughout the day any given classroom can be using technology to support learning. Our students use a wide variety of apps along with Moby Max daily to support their learning. These programs allow students to work at their level giving them a differentiated and individualized learning experience. Talk to your child about how they are using technology in their classrooms as these examples just scratch the surface of what our students are doing when it comes to technology to support their learning.

Important Dates:
11-20 – Building Effective Schools Meeting – 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. at Christ Wesleyan Church’s WELL
11-21 – WD Picture Re-takes
11-22 – 11-27 – No School Thanksgiving Break
11-28 – WD PSA Meeting in Music room at 7:00 P.M.

Ms. Martin's Students Using the iPads.
Ms. Martin’s Students Using the iPads.
Mrs. Robers Students' Sway Presentations.
Mrs. Robers Students’ Sway Presentations.

Veterans Day Celebrations

This week both Montandon and White Deer held assemblies to honor our Veterans. At Montandon Major Mark Campbell from the Army National Guard served as our guest speaker. Major Campbell talked to the students about what it was to be a Veteran and discussed the skills and training he received in the Army National Guard. We were also able to thank the following Veterans for their service as they attended our program as honorary guests: Mr. Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Reimensnyder, Mr. McGaw, Mr. Whipple, and Mr. Kerstetter. At White Deer Mrs. Ferguson lead the school through several songs, poems, and videos to honor our veterans. Students made flags to wave during the assembly. With the help of the students, Mrs. Ferguson created a bulletin board to honor all the Veterans of family members of students at White Deer. This bulletin board will be up throughout the month of November. Please enjoy a few pictures below from our assemblies.

Thank you to all who served in our Armed Forces.
Up-Coming Events:
11-14 – School Board Meeting at 6:00 pm in the HS Library
11-16 – MO Book Fair Family Night and Dinner 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
11-17 – MO Book Fair is open for students to shop during the school day
11- 22 – 11-27 – Thanksgiving Break


MO Vet. Day 1 MO Vet. Day 2 MO Vet. Day 3WD Vet 1 WD Vet 2 WD Vet 3 WD Vet 4

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Marking Period 1 has ended. Teachers are finalizing report cards for students in their classes. Parent/Teacher conferences are being held on Nov. 2nd and 3rd. If you haven’t already signed up for a date and time please contact your child’s teacher right away to do so. Parent/Teacher conferences are extremely important. It gives you a change to hear about your child’s progress during the first marking period. It also gives you an opportunity to ask your child’s teacher questions and to learn how you can support your child’s academic growth.

This week both Montandon and White Deer enjoyed their annual Character Day parades. Students greatly enjoyed the parade and showed off some very creative costumes. Hopefully all our guests enjoyed the display.

White Deer held their annual Panther Prowl this week. The Prowl came very close to meeting its $6000 goal. The final count from the Panther Prowl brought in a little over $5,600. The PSA will use this money to support the students at White Deer. A large portion of this money will go to paying for field trips for each grade. Thank you to everyone who supported the Panther Prowl.

Enjoy a few pictures from around the schools below.

Upcoming Events:
11-1 – MO PSA Meeting in PD room at 7:15 p.m.
11 – 2 and 11-3 – Parent/Teacher Conferences


Briday Ipad 1 Briday Ipad 2 Bridy Reading 1Measure 1MO Reading 1WD Prowl 1 WD Prowl 2WD Lib

Fire Safety Week and MO Panther Prowl

This week students at WD and MO learned about fire safety. WD students visited the White Deer Fire Station and MO students listen to firemen talk to them about fire safety at their school. Students are MO and WD both got to enjoy a tour or a fire engine and got to see some of the fire equipment used by firemen and firewomen. Take some time to ask your child what they learned during fire safety week. It is also a good time of the year to check your smoke detectors and to review a few fire escape routes for your house. It is also a good idea to have a common meeting place in the event of a fire. You may even want to run a practice drill like we do monthly at school.

The MO Panther Prowl was a huge success. Parents and friends help donate around $4000. This money will be used to support many activities through the PSA such as class field trips. Thank you to everyone who donated.

The WD Panther Prowl kicked off this week. Students at WD will be asking family and friends to donate money to the WD PSA to help support student activities at WD. Please consider donating to this great cause.

Upcoming Events:
10-17 – School Board Meeting in HS Lib. at 6:00 p.m.
10-18 – MO School Picture Day
10-20 – WD School Picture Day
10-24 – The Great Apple Crunch
10-25 – WD Panther Prowl
10-26 – MO Fall Fest 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
10-27 – End of Marking Period 1
10-31 – WD PSA Meeting at 7:00 in Music Room


MO Prowl 1 17 MO Prowl 2 17 MO Prowl 3 17MO Fire 17 1

Reading Challenge and All Students Walk at School Day

Reading could very easily be the most important skill a child learns at school. Being able to read and comprehend content is a life skill that is needed in every aspect of our lives.  Teachers and staff at Montandon and White Deer are always encouraging students to read more.  Teachers work with students to ensure the books they pick are at their reading level and a book that is on a topic that interests them.  One of the easiest ways you can improve your reading skills is to simply read.  Every child should be spending an age appropriate amount of time reading each night.  Parents can read to or with their children to make it a fun enjoyable activity for the whole family.

Motandon is wrapping up its second week of their fall reading challenge. This challenge runs through Nov. At the end of last week Ms. Martin’s Kindergarten class was in the lead with the most points scored which is calculated by the percent of students reading, the amount of time they read, and a few other fun football factors.  I can’t wait to see which class comes out on top once the scores are tallied.

This week all students at Montandon and White Elementary Schools participated in all students walk to school day. Rather than having our students walk to school at 9:30 all students walked a course around the school.  The students made several laps around the course.  You can enjoy a few pictures below.


Upcoming Events:

10-9 – No School for Students, Staff In-Service Day

10-10 – MO Panther Prowl

10-11 – WD Fire House Visits

10-13 – MO Fire Department/Fire Safety Visit, Mr. Sniffles program for K students, WD Panther Prowl Kick-off

10-17 – School Board Meeting in HS Lib. at 6:00 p.m.

10-18 – MO School Pictures

10-25 – WD Panther Prowl

10-26 – MO Fall Fest 4:30 – 6:30

10-27 – End of Marking Period 1, Character Day


WD Walk Day 17 1 WD Walk Day 17 2 WD Walk Day 17 3 WD Walk DAy 17 4MO Walk Day 17 1 MO Walk DAy 17 2 MO Walk Day 17 3 MO Walk Day 17 4


Math Talks

During a summer professional development at Bucknell University lead by Dr. Lara Dick, our teachers learned how to carry out math talks with their students. Math talks focus on students using mental math to solve basic math problems.  Math talk problems can range from addition/subtraction type questions to fraction questions.  Teachers post a math problem on the whiteboard and give students a set amount of time to come up with as many ways as they can to solve the problem.  Then students share their answers followed by students explaining how they got their answers.  The classroom teacher will record the students work as they explain how they solved the problem.  Math talks are meant to entice thoughtful conversation around math and to promote the use of math strategies to solve problems.

I have had the opportunity to see several different classroom teachers carry out math talks. Our students are doing a great job with them.  I enjoy hearing the students explain the different ways they are solving the problems posted.


Upcoming Events:

10-3 – All Schools Walk Together Day

10-4 – MO PSA Meeting

10-10 – MO Panther Prowl


Box Tops: Please send your box tops to school with your child. Our PSAs rely on the money earned through box top collection to provide field trips and fun activities for our students.


Student Engagement

As I visited classrooms this week, I was extremely happy with the high level of student engagement I saw. Students were engaged in their lessons in a variety of different ways.  In a 3rd grade classroom, students were using Moby Max to take a pretest on fractions.  Their teacher will use the data from the pretest to drive her instruction to ensure all students are successful in their work with fractions.  In a 4th grade classroom, I saw a teacher using whiteboards as a way to check for understanding as she was reviewing content with her class. In a kindergarten classroom, students were moving through centers working on making letters, listening to books being read to them, tracing sight words, and working with the teacher in a small group.

While I was in classrooms this week I also heard a common theme in Writer’s Workshop. Students were learning how to pick one event and how to focus their writing on that event.  The teachers used the idea of a watermelon and its seeds.  The watermelon would represent the school day and the seeds would be events during the day like recess, lunch, math class, or science class.  Students learn to pick one event and write in detail about that event.

This week we also remembered 9-11. The White Deer Fire Department parked a fire engine with an American Flag on top in the bottom of the WD school yard.  Hopefully this week you took some time to remember and honor the brave men and women who lost their lives on 9-11.  It is important our students learn about and understand why 9-11 is so important to us.


Upcoming Events:

9-18 – 9-20 – WD Book Fair — Family Fun Night is 9-20 at 5:00

9-26 – WD PSA meeting at 7:00 p.m. in music room



Remembering 9-11
Remembering 9-11
Moby Max in 3rd Grade at WD
Moby Max in 3rd Grade at WD

3rd WD Moby Max


Checking for understanding with whiteboards MO 4th grade
Checking for understanding with whiteboards MO 4th grade


WD K Letters WorkWW Seed Pic

Make Ever Day Count ….

Today students at Montandon and White Deer attended our Elementary School Wide PAWS and Anti-Bullying Kick-off Assembly at the High School. Students enjoyed songs, dancing, the Milton cheerleaders and Milton band while our PAWS and anti-bullying rules were reviewed.  Students also learned the importance of being kind and how being kind to just one person can make a huge difference.  The final message of the event was for students to make every day count.  Students will be writing a pledge card throughout next week stating what positive thing they can do to make every day count.  These will be posted in our schools on a bulletin board.  Please talk to your child about the assembly.  Ask your child how they can use their PAWS to be kind and how they can make every day count.  Ms. Kling, 3rd grade teacher at Baugher Elementary School, planned this event together.  A huge thank you to her and to all who helped make the assembly a success.  Enjoy a few picture below.





The Milton Area School District is committed to preparing students for the use of technology in our fast changing world. All classroom teachers now have 10 iPads in their classrooms to use during their instruction.  Classroom teachers also have time to meeting and collaborate on how they can use technology during their instruction to enhance the learning taking place in the classroom.  Our classroom teachers use the iPads to help carry out Hybrid learning.  Hybrid learning is a learning model which gives a small group of students direct instruction time with the teacher followed by two stations where students work independently on skills at their level and a collaborative station where students work together using the skills they learned to complete problems or tasks.  This year we have a mobile lab cart which classroom teachers can sign out to bring to their classroom.  The mobile lab cart has 30 laptop computers on it.  Teachers again can use the laptops to enhance their lessons and the students’ learning.  Students will also be exposed to MakerSpace and STEM tasks during the school year.  These tasks combine the use to technology, critical thinking skills, teamwork, and collaboration to complete.  Please make it a point to ask your child how they are using technology in their classrooms.


Montandon Parents, Please find and like the Montandon Elemenatry PSA on Facebook. The Montandon PSA will be using this site to share information and upcoming events.


The White Deer PSA is also looking for ways to communicate better to the parents. They too have a Facebook page.  Please find it and like it if you are a White Deer parent.


Upcoming Events:

9-6 – MO PSA Meeting in the PD Room at 7:15 p.m.

Students in Mrs. Lilly's class  at White Deer using the mobile lab in t heir classroom.
Students in Mrs. Lilly’s class at White Deer using the mobile lab in t heir classroom.

Lilly Mob. Lab 2

Welcome Back!!!!

The 2017/2018 school year has officially started. We are happy to see all our students’ smiling faced back in the classrooms at Montandon and White Deer.  Over the past two days teachers have been working hard to lay the groundwork for the school year.  Teachers are reviewing class rules and going over our PAWS expectations with their students.  We are looking forward to positively reinforcing our students who meet our PAWS expectations throughout the school year.

Please consider volunteering some of your time to our schools. Our PSAs are very active and they can always use your help.  Please remember if you want to be a volunteer, even for a field trip, you need to fill out the paperwork on our District website and submit it so you can be approved by our School Board to volunteer.

Please remember school starts at 7:40 a.m. Your child needs to be in our school by 7:40 a.m. or they will be considered tardy.  Bus students are dismissed at 2:15 p.m. followed by car riders at 2:25 p.m.

Remember to sign up for and/or update your Sapphire account so you can stay connected to Montandon and White Deer. We us Sapphire as a way to inform parents of upcoming events as well as weather events during the school year.  You can also check your child’s progress on the Sapphire system.

A huge thank you goes to Delaney Bottorf at White Deer Elementary School. Delaney took time out of her summer to repaint the United States map on the WD playground.  All paint and supplies were donated by the Bottorf family.  Enjoy a picture below of Delaney and her work.  Thank You!!!

My ending note is a thank you to our PSAs. They provided the refreshments during our Open Houses as well as helpers for K Orientation.  Our PSAs do amazing things for Montandon and White Deer.  Thank You PSAs!!!


Let’s make the 2017/2018 school year an amazing one!!!


Up-coming Events

8-29 – WD PSA meeting at 7:00 in the Music room

9-1 and 9-4 – No School for Students

9-6 – MO PSA meeting at 7:15 in the PD room