Story Time with Sixth Grade

6 Black is excited to be working on their online reading project!

The Project: The goal for this project is to create something similar to Storyline Online. If you are unfamiliar with this site, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation videotapes well-known actors reading children’s books. Storyline Online
We will be collaborating with other classrooms within our district. Students in our class will read a story focusing on fluency, expression, tone, and audience awareness. While students are reading, they will be videotaped using the school iPads. Once the taping is complete, the videos will be posted on the classroom blog for other classes to view and comment on. My hope is that this project will be a fun way to improve reading, writing, communication, thinking, and application skills.

Book Adventure!

Great job, 6Black, on reading 94 books in the month of September! I’m so proud of all of you. Keep it up. As I’ve said before, “The more you practice something, the better you are at it.” I’d like to add more podcasts of book reviews. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Word of the Day 2

Here is the new list of WOD words! Use your eyes and ears to find these new WOD words used in real world situations. Remember, don’t make something up, just so you can blog about it.


Word of the Day

I thought it would be interesting to post our (W. O. D.) Word of the Day Words. If you see any of them in writing or hear any of the words being used in a real life situation…Blog about it.

Here are our W.O.D. words. Happy hunting.

Word of the Day

I know you’ve all been waiting for it, and here it is…Word of the Day is back! We will be doing something different with this new list. We will be doing Wiki-Words too. Go to the following wikispace pages: by May 7th. Pick one of the words from the WOD #4 list and use it correctly in a sentence. Post it by adding a comment. Read other post written by your classmates. Please watch for capital letters and punctuation. What do you think about Wiki-Words?

Reading can be fun

Reading can be a great experience. It’s all about picking the right book. Find something that interests you.  For me, it was the Nancy Drew books! I didn’t like reading until I picked up my first Nancy Drew novel. Books can take you all over the world. A good book is the key to enjoy reading. When you’re reading for enjoyment, you set the pace. It’s up to you when you read, how long you read, and how much you read. Pick up that book, journey into the pages, go new places, meet new people and make new discoveries. Just because you don’t like to read doesn’t mean you’re not good at it, it just means that you haven’t found the right book yet. Keep searching.

Reading Enhancement

Although many students don’t love to read, it is a necessary skill for life. Reading is a skill that we use everyday. The students on team 6Black are experiencing many “book adventures” this year. They are encouraged to choose an appropriate book that they find interesting. After they read the book, they take a short comprehension quiz about the story. They earn points and choose prizes. The students on team 6Black should have their Book Adventure books with them for each class. They are encouraged to read when they are finished with their work. The more you practice something the better you are at it. Keep reading, 6Black!

I have attached a tutorial for Book Adventure to show how to choose a book and how to see if it is listed on the website. Also, listen to the podcast of students reviewing their books.

podcast 1 book_review_3_18_10